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****** 28th April 2020 ******
Hello dear brothers & sisters out there!
We hope all of you are well and safe. After we had to
cancel our first release due to copyright issues
we now proudly announce the re-release of our
brandnew album FUCKUSHIMA. We created a complete
new cover and booklet artwork for it and we think
that it just turned out fine.
From Walpurgis Night (04/30/2020) on the album
will be available in 60 countries all over the
world on most online stores you know. The CD
itself will be available by middle of May. Due
to our respect of nature the packaging will be
all made of sustainable materials. If you want
to support us and safe yourself a good piece of
doom metal, feel free to order your physical CD
directly via our band adress info@tankdrivermusic.com
We do all of this on our own.
We are totally independent.
We do what we want.
All hails!

****** 06th January 2020 ******
Ladies and gentlemen!!!
We are very proud to announce the release of
our new record "FUCKUSHIMA"! It can be streamed,
purchased and downloaded in over 60 countries!
Check Itunes, Spotify, Deezer or whatever you feel
comfortable with to get in touch with our new release!
The physical record will follow soon. Stay tuned!

****** 28th June 2017 ******
After we recorded our basics for the next album,
we proceeded very slowly in progress and still have
not finished the recordings yet. But we are working on
new material already and a new show is scheduled for
the 18th August.

****** 01st October 2016 ******
We are planning our next record. All songs are
ready to record. Recording will start in 2017 and
it will take time. Check Livesection for new shows!

****** 04th July 2016 ******
A new show is on schedule! On 22nd of July the
heavy tank will roll over Düte and flatten the whole
festival. Come all. See all. Don´t miss it!

****** 08th March 2016 ******
Two upcoming shows you should not miss!!!
You should be there, cause everybody will
be there! Proof, that you are not imprisoned
or dead! Come to Rare Guitar AND (!) Skaters Palace!
Check LIVE-Section for further details.You also can find all
information on FB.

****** 02nd January 2016 ******
Happy new year to our fans! You all got totally
wasted on new years eve? YEAH!!! You should get
a blast at our next show here in Münster. It´s
on the 29th of January! So, see you soon and breathe
some smoke!

****** 30th November 2015 ******
Next show will be at the famous FORUM Bielefeld!!
Check the LIVE-section for further information.

****** 06th October 2015 ******
Lots of news!! We are entering studio this weekend!
Our new Song MONUMENT is going to be recorded for
the following shot of a new video!! Whoooohooo!
And we are playing a gig on saturday in Osnabrueck
at the Ostbunker. All info here
Keep in touch for the latest news!! See you on saturday!

****** 13th September 2015 ******
LUNA SOL-Tour is cancelled!!!
We are not playing on the 14th November!
New live gigs are going to be announced soon,
please stay tuned!!

****** 09th August 2015 ******
New live gigs confirmed!!
Check the LIVE section for more info.

****** 30th June 2015 ******
All right!! We found the best drummer for our
brutal metalmachine. Search accomplished.
New gigs to be announced. New song finished.
New bandpics coming soon. Tank is rolling....

****** 01st May 2015 ******
Hooray Hooray, the first of may!
We divorced from our drummer by mutual agreement.
But the trip is going on! Drummer wanted!!!

****** 30th March 2015 ******
What a blast! We had a very cool evening with all those
fantastic bands at the ALTERNA SOUNDS FESTIVAL. Thanx
to everybody involved and to you in the audience!
We enjoyed it a lot! X X X

****** 18th March 2015 ******
Looking forward playing on the 28th of march (Saturday)
on main stage in Sputnik Halle Münster! We are well
prepared and all axes are sharpened. Want to see you in
first row for some good sticky stuff. Stage time is 7 pm.

****** 13th February 2015 ******

Hell yeah! Uelsen got destroyed.Mission accomplished.
Next on map will be Münster. Don´t miss the Alterna Sound Festival!

****** 02nd January 2015 ******

Happy new year everybody!! We have new tourdates
confirmed for this heavy year!
Watch out for TANKDRIVER live and stay tuned!

****** 19th December, 2014 ******

We now started to rehearse all the new material for our next
album. Yesterday we played for the first time the hidden track
of Grohl´s excellent PROBOT (2004) I am the warlock featuring Jack Black.
As we must admit it fits perfectly into the TANKDRIVER universe.

****** 18th November, 2014 ******

Look at the pics of the show with TROUBLE:

****** 12th September, 2014 ******

Very good news: We are playing a show together
with doom legend TROUBLE !!!
On the 07th November we are supporting them at the BASTARD CLUB in Osnabrück.

Tommorrow we will support SEDATED ANGEL at RARE GUITAR. See you!

****** 21st August, 2014 ******

The new video is online!
Check the media section!

It is also available on YOUTUBE.

****** 15th July, 2014 ******

A new interview by Robex Lundgren from sweden is online:

Also new fotos of our last gig! Check out the
media section!

And last but not least: We have new merchandise and you can order it right now!
New Shirt-Design (fotos upcoming) for 15,- Euro and a new patch (also for iron)
in silver for 5,- Euro. Send a mail and we will ship at once!

****** 11th June, 2014 ******

New gigs are confirmed:

28th June Baracke /// Muenster
(+ Pennydive, + Gallons of Mud, + Cosmic Radiation)

13th September Rare Guitar /// Muenster
(+ Sedated Angel, + The Coffin Riders)

Also see at the Live-Section!

****** 03rd June, 2014 ******

Tomorrow we will suffer in the rehearsalroom. It will be hot!